Six Terrific, Unconventional Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a honeymoon and looking for something other than an all-inclusive, sit-on-the-beach option?

Consider the six unique and unconventional locations I have highlighted below.  From jaw-dropping natural scenery to grin-inducing wildlife to epic party scenes to savory wine, these destinations offer great experiences you’ll always remember.

1. Galapagos Islands

Are you a nature-lover?  If so, there may be no better place on Earth to visit than the Galapagos Islands.  Located about 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador, the islands sit at the confluence of three ocean currents.  They offer amazing natural scenery and are populated with incredible wildlife that is unafraid of humans.  The most common way to see the islands is via small cruise ships with the mandatory nature guides riding along with you.

Slideshow: Galapagos Islands

2. Salzburg, Austria

Intrigued by the architecture of big European cities but uninterested in the busyness of one for your honeymoon? Consider the small and idyllic locale of Salzburg, Austria. The site used for filming of The Sound of Music offers an incredible balance of architecture and natural beauty. The historic downtown is intersected by the Salzach River and includes wonderful biergartens, an impressive hundreds-year old fort and beautiful gardens such as the Mirabelplatz.

Slideshow: Salzburg, Austria

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3. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho)

Does a place like the Galapagos Islands excite you but exceed your financial or schedule budget? Consider one of the world’s greatest locales for viewing of wildlife and natural features, right here in America: Yellowstone National Park. Widely considered the oldest national park in the world, it offers eye-popping natural sights such as the Grand Prismatic Spring and numerous wildlife from bison to bears to wolves and more.

Slideshow: Yellowstone National Park

4. Key West, Florida

Are you the type to party instead of sleep the day away on the beach? The southernmost island in the continental US offers an atmosphere unlike any other. It won’t take you more than a few hours to reach by air and the drive to the island, from the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, is one you’ll always remember. For parts of it, it seems as if you are driving into the ocean.  Once you’ve arrived you can choose between visiting famous bars, Hemingway’s old house or a waverunner tour around the island.

Slideshow: Key West, Florida

5. Palawan, Philippines

Selected by Huffington Post as the most beautiful island on Earth, this locale will take your breath away with amazing limestone cliffs and powdery sand beaches above water and eye-popping coral formations and fish life underwater. We included a visit to the area in our around the world honeymoon and when it was over we were definitely pleased we had.  The beauty of the islands were matched by the happiness of the people.  And the cost of food and activities is about 1/4 of what you’d pay at standard honeymoon destinations!

Check out our honeymoon video for even more sights of the Philippines.

Slideshow: Palawan, Philippines

6. South Africa

Do you want it all on your honeymoon, all in one country?  South Africa may be an outstanding destination for you.  Amazing safaris are on tap on the eastern side of the country.  On the western coast you can visit the flourishing city of Cape Town, ascend Table Mountain and saunter on beautiful beaches.  Just a bit east of Cape Town are scenic winelands and their accompanying quaint towns, like Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, with cute shops and restaurants.

See this post for more info on South Africa as a honeymoon destination.  You can also check out our honeymoon video for even more sights from South Africa.

Slideshow: South Africa

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Do you agree with this list?  Which of these locations would you like to see covered in a more detailed post?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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