Tis The Season…To Get the Southwest Companion Pass

Now is the optimal time to get a Southwest Companion Pass!

As Christmas fades into the rearview mirror and 2017 approaches we’re at an optimal time to go for one of the best travel perks around – the Southwest Companion Pass. That’s because the Southwest Companion Pass (SCP) is good for the remainder of the calendar year in which you earn it and the entire following calendar year.  So for example – if you earn the SCP in March you’ll have it for 21 months!

I’ve explained before that the easiest and fastest way to earn the SCP is by leveraging the signup bonus from one or more Chase Southwest credit cards.  At the moment I write this the publicly advertised signup bonus offers from Chase for the Plus and Premier cards are for 40,000 Rapid Rewards points. However, you can get the better 50,000 Rapid Rewards points offers through my links here:

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card

If you get the 50,000 point signup bonuses for both the Plus and Premier cards within the same calendar year you’ll have over 100,000 Rapid Rewards points earned toward the SCP requirement of 110,000 points. And of course the Rapid Rewards points you have earned at that point are still available for redemption (acquiring the SCP doesn’t “use up” your Rapid Rewards points).

With your Southwest Rapid Rewards points you can jet off to Aruba and enjoy a dinner with your toes in the sand!

So if you rack up 110,000 points via the bonuses and some additional spending on the cards, and in the process earn Companion Pass, you could yield about three thousand dollars of free travel! That’s based on my valuation of 1.4 cents per Rapid Rewards points (1.4 cents/point x 110,000 points x 2 {because of CP} = $3,080). Getting that sort of return from simply signing up for two credit cards and putting your spending on them, is about as good as it gets.

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Good luck in your pursuit of the Southwest Companion Pass!  Share any questions or thoughts in the comments section below!

Featured image: Aruba; photo ©The Honeymoon Guy

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