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When Patty and I got engaged, we knew we wanted to take a honeymoon we would always treasure.  For us, that was a trip around the world!  With wedding costs so exorbitantly high these days though, we knew that paying full price for such a honeymoon was out of the question.

Now, you may not be interested in taking a honeymoon that’s over 3 weeks long or one that involves so much flying.  That’s understandable and that doesn’t mean this site isn’t for you.  The approach I share on this site is very valuable for all varieties of honeymoons and vacations including those to Caribbean islands, Hawaii, Europe, etc.  For anyone planning a honeymoon, 2nd honeymoon or even a “couples” trip, this should be one of your go-to sites.  On the other hand, if you’re interested in learning every one of a hotel chain’s features or obscure details about a small airline’s schedule, there are other sites that will serve you better.

Some of the advice, but not all of it, on this site is intended for readers with a good credit score (about 720 or above) as banks are looking for your business and are willing to trade some very lucrative signup bonuses to get it.  Think of these signup bonuses as your reward for years of responsible financial behavior.  And contrary to the assumptions of many people, acquiring a lot of credit cards is not bad for your credit score.  For more details, see my Credit Score page, complete with a screen-grab showing that even though I have over 15 credit cards, my credit score is 800+.

Please take a look around the site.  If you’d like to know more about the destinations we visited on our honeymoon, or just what can be done on a “beer budget,” check out Our Honeymoon Story to see how memorable and extensive of a honeymoon you can pull off.

Then take a look at the How You Can Do It page as I lay out on that page the approach we used and that you can use, to take your champagne honeymoon on a beer budget.

The Credit Score page addresses a topic that usually comes up in the context of these discussions.

If you’d like a montage video made for you, of your honeymoon or any other vacation or trip, check out the Video Services page.

Of course feel free to read a little more about the site on the About page or get in touch via the Contact page or by emailing me at

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