How to Get 50,000 Rapid Rewards Points as Signup Bonus for Southwest Personal Plus Card


Though the publicly available offer is at 40,000 points at the moment, you can get the 50,000 point offer online here for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus.  There’s no need to call in via phone as long as this link is live.

A 50,000 point offer is also available for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card from Chase.

I’ve also published a new post: Answers to All Your Southwest Plus & Premier Card Questions, Including Which You Should Get!

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card
An improved offer for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.

I posted in September about a publicly available, but sort-of-hidden, link to get 50,000 Rapid Rewards points as a signup bonus for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Personal Plus card.

That was worth a post of its own because the although the Premier card is available with a 50k point signup bonus (offer good until 23 February 2016), the Plus card is often only available publicly with a 25k point signup bonus.

The bad news: In October, Chase removed that link to the 50k point offer for the Plus card.

The good news: I’ve learned of another way that readers can get a 50k point signup bonus for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.

There is a Referral-by-Phone Program for the Chase Southwest Personal Plus Card

Whereas many credit card referral programs are via web link, there is a phone referral program for the Chase Southwest Personal Plus card.  Certain current cardholders are invited to refer non-cardholders to the card.  The new applicant receives a 50,000 point signup bonus (after spending $2,000 within 3 months of account opening).  The referrer receives 5,000 Rapid Rewards.

I have not received an invitation to refer others so I won’t be receiving any points for people signing up for the Southwest Plus card.

There Are Two Ways to Take Advantage of this Offer

The first is to find a referrer prior to calling the toll-free number.  The phone agent will ask for the referrer’s name, Rapid Rewards number and zip code to ensure that the referrer gets credited the 5,000 Rapid Rewards points.  Scroll down to the comments section to find referrers.

I encourage eligible Plus card referrers to post their information or email address in the comments below if they’d like to refer readers of THG for this offer.  There is also a FlyerTalk thread devoted to this idea.  You can create an account there and post a request to that thread for a referral.

The second way to take advantage of this offer is a bit of a twist.  You can apparently call the referral program phone number and simply sign up for the offer without having been referred.  Multiple people have indicated that has worked for them.  If you’ve used this approach, please share a note about your experience in the comments below.

Here’s the Phone Number

To get this 50k point signup bonus, call 1-888-691-2301.  That’s a Chase phone number dedicated to this offer.  The agent will request the usual information required for a credit card signup and he/she will confirm the details of the offer.  

If you’re a little cautious about calling a phone number and providing info, I understand.  I’ve confirmed through multiple sources though that this is a legitimate phone number and offer.  You can do a Google search on the number yourself to allay any concerns about legitimacy.

It’s the Best Time of Year to Get the Companion Pass

One of the best travel perks around is the Southwest Companion Pass, which allows a companion to fly free with the holder of the pass, any time the holder flies!  Well the best time of the year to get the Companion Pass is early in a calendar year as it is valid for the remainder of the year you earn it and the entire next calendar year.

The fastest way to get the Companion Pass is to get two 50k point signup bonuses in short order, requiring the accumulation of only a few more thousand points to reach the 110k point threshold.

Check out my previous posts to learn more:

50,000 Rapid Rewards Points Are Worth About $750

Even if you don’t go after the Southwest Companion Pass, the 50k Rapid Rewards bonus is lucrative on its own.  I value Rapid Rewards at 1.5 cents each (that’s the average value I get when redeeming them for Southwest flights) so the 50,000 points equates to $750 of value.  Note that Southwest’s redemption program is dynamic so there are situations where you’ll receive more or less value per point.

With 50,000 Rapid Rewards points, and Southwest’s expanding international service, you may be soon flying free to destinations like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cancun (shown here), Costa Rica, Belize and more!

With Southwest now flying to destinations like Cancun, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica and more you’re no longer stuck redeeming points for a continental US trip.  That has really elevated Southwest’s status in my mind.

Just this year alone, Patty and I have used Rapid Rewards points and our Companion Pass to fly outside the US to Jamaica and Cancun, Mexico on Southwest.  We also used Rapid Rewards points and our Companion Pass to fly in 2015 to Florida and Missouri.

Note: If you have the Plus card already and are interested in the Premier card, you can get a 50,000 Rapid Rewards points offer for that card here.

If you’re eligible to refer others to the Southwest Personal Plus card for a 50k point signup bonus offer, you’re welcome to leave your email address in the comments below so that readers can get in touch with you.  Links are culled from comments so leave your email address so that you can be contacted directly.  This is only for referrals for the Southwest Rapid Rewards PLUS card.

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139 thoughts on “How to Get 50,000 Rapid Rewards Points as Signup Bonus for Southwest Personal Plus Card

      1. Corey, do you still have a referral for the Plus Card at 50K points? I would really appreciate you forwarding me the number/code. Thanks for the help!

    1. Andy, do you still have a referral for the Plus Card at 50K points? I would really appreciate you forwarding me the number/code. Thanks for the help!

    2. I have referrals for the Plus card available! Spend 2,000 in the first 3 months and receive 50,000 points. Send me an email to jreid045@gmail dot com and ill send you the link!!

  1. Southwest Airlines Plus Card Rapid Reward Referrals available.

    Earn 50,000 Bonus Points

    Spend $2,000 on purchases in your first 3 months to earn Bonus Points

    $69 Annual Fee

    3,000 Points on your anniversary date

    Send your e-mail address to and I will send you the information needed to apply.

    Thank you.

    1. Please feel free to contact me at for a SWA Visa Plus Referral with 50,000 bonus points after spending $2k in the first 3 months.

      I have been able to help numerous people get approved so far.

      My Referrals are valid as long as you apply by 2/28/16.

  2. ok, Michael. I have the southwest personal plus card. David does not have any southwest cards. He was approved for Chase Sapphire because he opened one less acct than I. I would like for him and myself to get the rapid premier to work towards companion pass. I have missed opportunity to get it during same calendar yr as other. But I can earn spend needed amt to get it. However, I have been turned down for Chase Sapphire for opening too many accts. Since this is a chase card too will they turn me down for the it also? I read that when some people challenged chase and offered to lower their credit limit on other chase accts, chase immediately discontinued an acct or several instead !! Is that true?? Would it best for me to wait and try for chase sapphire later and refer David to apply y for premier and let him get the companion pass that way?? Sorry – I am sure this is confusing. Us dinosaurs need soooo much help.

    1. Hi Sage!

      Yes, with the calendar year turning over into 2016 the ticker resets in terms of earning Companion Pass (CP). Any Rapid Rewards points you earned in previous years are now irrelevant as far as earning CP this year (of course you can still redeem those existing Rapid Rewards points for flights, etc.).

      Recent reports indicate that Chase has instituted a 5/24 rule which applies *only* to the Ultimate Rewards cards – Sapphire Preferred, Ink and Freedom. The 5 and 24 are references to new credit card accounts and months, respectively. If you’ve opened 5 or more credit cards in the past 24 months then Chase will almost certainly deny your application for a Sapphire Preferred, Freedom or Ink card. That may be what you ran into.

      Let me repeat a key point – all reports indicate that this 5/24 rule *does not* apply to other Chase cards like the United, Southwest, Marriott, British Airways, IHG, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton cards.

      If by chance you’ll soon have less than 5 new credit cards in the past 24 months, then you may want to hold off on any apps and then apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, if that’s the card you really want. It’s a great card with a strong signup bonus offer.

      However, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is not the best card to get if your main goal is to get CP. That’s because points transferred directly from Ultimate Rewards into Southwest Rapid Rewards do not count towards CP. You can do an indirect transfer to end up with Rapid Rewards points that count toward CP but that results in less than a 1 to 1 transfer.

      One person needs to earn the entire 110,000 Rapid Rewards points in a calendar year to get the CP. For example, if you earn 60,000 points in your account and David earns 50,000 points in his account, neither of you will earn the CP.

      Since you wrote that David does not have any Southwest cards, I would suggest having him go for the CP. It would be easiest if he gets one of the two personal cards – the Plus or Premier – with a 50,000 point signup bonus and then a couple months later, gets the other personal card. Follow this post to go for the Plus card first, or use this link to apply for the Premier card first.

      Another option is for you to get the Personal Premier card using this link and then earn the additional Rapid Rewards points needed through other means. See my post entitled Reader Success! Staci Earns the Southwest Companion Pass! to see how one reader did that.

      Good luck!

      Hope that helps!!

  3. I received that 888 number from someone referring via flyertalk, and was skeptical. Thanks for including it in your post! I just called it and the offer is still running for the Plus card.

  4. I have 50,000 bonus point Southwest Airlines Plus Card Rapid Reward Referrals available if you apply by 2/28.

    You need tos pend $2,000 on purchases in your first 3 months to earn Bonus Points. $69 Annual Fee, 3,000 Points on your anniversary date

    Email me at if you’d like the referral. Thanks!

  5. I am needing to be referred for the 50K Miles for the PLUS card. Please send me one! aliefduffey at yahoo dot com

  6. Let me know if you need a referral for the Southwest Plus card 50k sign up bonus after 2k spend within 3 months for both!!

  7. Hello! If anyone has any 50K plus referrals available, I’d sure appreciate it. Please send it to my gmail acct: cassandradeal


  8. I have referrals for the

    50k bonus for SWA Plus Card (individual card) ($2k spend in first 3 months)

    Just email me your 1. First Name 2. Email address and I will respond promptly.

    My email is twinfalc (at)

    Good luck to you.

      1. Hi John. There is no 50k offer for the Plus card right now (08 April 2016). If/when I find out that changes I will definitely update the beginning of this article and the comments section here. In the meantime, those that don’t have the Premier card and haven’t received a bonus for it in the past 24 months can get a 50k point signup bonus for it here.

        1. Yeah, I actually got the Premier card and earned my 50,000 already, so I’m looking for a way to get up to the 110,000 for the companionship pass. What if my wife applied for her own Premier card and then transferred the 50,000 to me when she got them. Is that even possible?

          1. Unfortunately it’s not realistic to do that. Every once in a while someone claims they were able to link their Southwest credit card to a spouse’s Rapid Rewards account but in general that is not allowed. Doing that opens you to the risk of the account being shut down and any earned points being forfeited.

            If you’re in a rush to get the Companion Pass, you could consider transferring points from a hotel program such as Choice or Hyatt. It’s not the best return on points but if you’re really jonesing for the Companion Pass it may be worth it to you.

        2. So it appears that the 50k for the Plus card is back online, and I didn’t even need a referral! Here is the link.

          I called a Southwest application number (1-866-400-1832), which is apparently the number specifically designated for the 25k deal. She said that different promotions exist online, which may explain why this online offer for 50k exists, but the people on the phone have different information.

          Credit goes to Santanu B. for pointing this out.

  9. I received a referral for the phone in offer from a generous reader. About 10 days later I received a denial letter, but it said I could call if I had other info that might affect this decision. I called in and answered several questions. I offered to move credit from 1 or the other of 2 other Chase accounts. I did get the card, but in order to do so they actually took away $5,000 credit from one card, plus took another $4000 from the other card I mentioned. They gave me a $4000 credit limit, so I lost $5000 of credit. I was not to happy about this, but felt like I did not have a choice if I wanted the card. The paperwork does not mention the 50k bonus, and that makes me nervous. I have just submitted a question to confirm the bonus. I forgot to confirm the bonus while I was on the phone with the agent. I had read I should do that, but after spending more than 30 minutes on the phone with the agent (I was on hold several times) I forgot to do that. After reading that this offer is no longer good I am worried I might not be getting the 50k points. I applied in early March, called late March, and did not receive the card until early April.

    1. Hi Clflwrs! If you applied for a 50k point signup bonus that is the offer you’ll receive, even though that offer was subsequently pulled. I suggest sending a secure message through Chase’s website asking for confirmation of the signup bonus offer. They usually respond within a day.

      1. I just received my first statement showing I did get my 50K bonus. Yippee! I also received an email that I can already refer a friend for the PLUS card to share this incredible deal. I signed up for the Southwest Dining program and was able to use that while in a large city last month, that earned me around 1,000 points. I placed 2 orders for 1800 flowers with their Mother’s day 1,750 points offer so that gave me another 3,500 points + 99 points for credit card spend. When those points post I should hit my 110,00 points for the companion pass! Thank you very much for the great advice and encouragement!

        1. That’s great news!! Good luck on the last bit of the journey towards Companion Pass! Congratulations in advance. 😉

  10. PLUS card referrals here. Please send me an email at blalock 009 hotmail and give me name and what email you want to use!

    PS Honeymoon guy, referral is back up, i can send screen shots!

  11. Hi all! I received a referral opportunity this morning so if anyone needs one, please feel free to email me for the referral.

  12. I have 10 referral links for the PLUS card 50,000 bonus points offer. I will need your first name, last name, and email. No, it’s not a scam, if you have any doubts, don’t bother sending me the information, I’m not trying to rip you off and would rather people who want the card to benefit from this offer the way I did. It make take a week to get the signup link from southwest but, yes, you will get it. Again, this is for the PLUS card ($69 per year). Email me, first come first served. 50,000 bonus points for PLUS card. Again, email mariking55@gmail (dot com).

  13. PLUS card referrals here. Please send me an email at brandoncomeau at and give me name and what email you want to use!

  14. I have the referral link offer as well. If anyone is interested in the 50,000 bonus miles when signing up for a Southwest card it is well worth it. My family of 4 will fly for free from BHM to MCO soon for around 50,000 points. Please email me at and I would be happy to share my referral with you! There is an annual fee of $69.00 and you must spend $2000.00 within the first couple months to qualify for the bonus points.


  15. I also can refer up to 10 people for the PLUS card. I received my card through a referral just like this. Send your first and last name and your email address to receive the referral. In the subject line please put “SouthWest PLUS credit card referral request”. I will put spaces in my email address to hopefully avoid spam; email cd@cari2 (dot) net (remove the spaces and replace with “.net”) Thank you!

  16. I have referrals for the SW Rapid Rewards plus card. You can get 50,000 points. Email me at and I can have the link sent to you. I just need your first name and email address. Thanks

  17. I have SW Plus with 50K bonus points for referrals. Please email me at hi6999@gmail dot com and I’ll send the referral link to you. Thanks!

  18. I have a few referrals left for the PLUS card with a 50,000 sign on bonus points. Please email me for the link. Thanks!

  19. Southwest Airlines Plus Card Rapid Reward Referrals available.

    Earn 50,000 Bonus Points after spending $2,000 on purchases in your first 3 months.

    $69 Annual Fee with 3,000 Points on your anniversary date.

    Please email me at and I will promptly send you the information needed to apply.

    Thank you!

    Please provide an e-mail address in your PM, I’ll respond directly to you.

  20. If anyone needs referral for 50K points on Southwest PLUS & PREMIER cards, please contact me at The offer is valid till 30 Sept. 2016.

    This is an easy way to get the coveted SW Companion Pass where you BOGO free flights for this year and the entire next year.

  21. I have SWA Plus Card Rapid Reward Referrals available. Earn 50,000 Points after you Spend $2,000 on purchases in your first three months. $69 Annual Fee and 3,000 Bonus Points on your anniversary date.

    Email me at for the information on how to apply.

  22. Informative commentary , I was fascinated by the points , Does anyone know where my company can get access to a sample NOAA HMS Vessel Permit Application document to fill out ?

  23. I have referrals for the Southwest Plus. The card comes with a 50,000 point bonus after meeting the $2000 minimum spend. This is the perfect time to apply with the new year approaching.
    Anybody that is interested can email me at: and I will email you a direct link to apply.

  24. I have referrals for the 50,000 bonus point Southwest PLUS card.

    Email me and and I will promptly respond with a direct link to the Chase Application landing page so you can apply online asap.

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