Here’s My Strategy to Rack Up Points, Miles & Cash for the Rest of 2017

Looking for tips to pile up points and miles in 2017? I’m sharing my strategy for the remainder of the year here, in hopes it helps some others!

The Secret to Happiness is Freedom

That’s a quote from Thucydides.  It seems he was a real trailblazer in the points and miles game, recognizing the value of the Chase Freedom millenia before it arrived.

In all seriousness, one of the main elements of my 2017 points and miles earning strategy is to maximize the bonus categories with my Chase Freedom (link to secure application).  With bonus categories earning 5X, there is nary a better way to rack up points and miles, short of signup bonuses.

The Chase Freedom earns 5X back on purchases in bonus categories and those categories are not obscure, never-used ones – they cover purchases you make all the time!

For the second quarter, which we’re in at writing, the bonus category comprises grocery stores and drug stores.  You can earn the 5X back on up to $1,500 of purchases in the bonus category per quarter.  Some people don’t realize the value in this as they think they’ll never spend $1,500 at the grocery store in a quarter.  However, there’s a simple trick to maximize the value of this sort of category: Buy gift cards at the grocery store.  Those can be gift cards to that same grocery store or to other stores completely.  Most grocery stores sell gift cards to Home Depot, Amazon, restaurants and more.  With this trick you can effectively turn the grocery store bonus category into a category of your choosing.

Keep in mind that if you have an Ultimate Rewards card like the Sapphire Reserve or Preferred or the Ink Plus or Preferred (link to secure application), you can transfer points earned with the Freedom to any of those accounts.  That effectively turns a 5X return into a net return of a whopping 10.5%, given that Ultimate Rewards are worth about 2.1 cents each in my estimation.

The Payoff

If I max out the Freedom bonus categories the rest of the year, I’ll pile up 22,500 points from here on out.  I can then transfer those points into my Sapphire Reserve Ultimate Rewards account.  Total value of this haul will be about $473!

The Chase Freedom currently comes with a $150 signup bonus and it doesn’t carry an annual fee (link to secure application).  With these bonus categories and the lack of an annual fee it’s one of the best cards around and a perfect card for those new to the points and miles game.

I’m Using My Ink Card for Major Payback at Amazon & on Cell-Phone, Internet

I’ve been in the points and miles game for a while so I have some cards that are no longer offered.  One is the Chase Ink Plus card.  It gets me 5X Ultimate Rewards on up to $50,000 of purchases at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services each account anniversary year.

So our cell phone and internet bills are set up for autopay using my Ink Plus card.  We “cut the cord” so no cable TV bill for us!

As I wrote in the preceding section, a bonus category at a store can often be effectively converted into 5X on other stores via gift card purchases.  Since Patty and I do a ton of shopping at Amazon, I grab some Amazon gift cards at the nearby Office Depot, pay for them using my Ink Plus card and essentially get a net 10.5% discount on Amazon purchases.

The Payoff

Though I could earn 5X back on up to $50,000 of purchases I won’t be spending that much.  I’ll probably buy about $1,500 of Amazon gift cards, netting me another 7,500 points.  Total value for the Ultimate Rewards points haul will be about $158.

Now let me share some good news and bad news.  The bad news is that the Ink Plus card is no longer available.  The good news is that it’s been replaced with another card that is similar in some ways, not quite as good in some ways and better in other ways.

That new card is the Chase Ink Business Preferred (link to secure application).  It’s being offered, as of writing, with an incredible 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points signup bonus.  Though it doesn’t get you 5X at office supply stores, it does get you 3X back in a broader swath of categories: Travel, including airfare, hotels, rental cars, train tickets, and taxis, shipping purchases, Internet, cable and phone services, advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines.  That signup bonus, worth about $1,680 in my estimation, nicely offsets the reduced bonus category payoff.

We’ll Be Reaping Huge Returns With American Express Offers

More specific, but perhaps even more valuable, American Express offers are important to my strategy.  Both Patty and I have received ultra-valuable offers on multiple cards.

Some examples:

  • $25 back on a $65 purchase at
  • $20 back on a $100 purchase at Staples (I’ll probably use this to buy an Amazon gift card at a 20% discount)
  • $15 back on $50 purchase at Blue Apron
AMEX offers are often very valuable so I’ll check my accounts about once a month and add the appealing ones to my cards.

I received those offers on either my Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card from American Express (link to secure application) or my Hilton HHonors American Express card (link to secure application with 80,000 point signup bonus).  I check the offers on those cards about once a month, and add the valuable ones to my accounts.  Patty does the same with her Starwood Preferred Guest Personal Card from American Express (link to secure application).

The Payoff

These American Express offers aren’t advertised ahead of time so it’s impossible to know for sure how much value you can pull from them in the future.  Based on what I’ve seen in the past though I can comfortably estimate a value of $200 for the rest of the year from these offers!

We’ll Get a Couple New Cards for the Signup Bonuses

In addition to maximizing the value of our existing cards, Patty and I will likely pick up a new card or two this year.  There remains no better way to quickly acquire points or miles than through signup bonuses.  The only holdup is that we’re both relatively close to dropping below the 5/24 threshold that Chase uses.  If we wait until that time, we get access to quite a few more cards.  Alternatively, one or both of us may go for another Barclaycard Arrival Plus (link to secure application), given its temporarily elevated signup bonus of 50,000 points.

Being ready to jump on a limited-time offer can pay off big.  I’ve taken advantage of some really short-lived offers in the past and then seen other people lamenting that they paused for a day or two and missed it.

The Payoff

If I go conservative on my estimate here and forecast that Patty will grab another Barclaycard Arrival Plus and I’ll grab an Ink Business Preferred (link to secure application), we’ll pull in another $2,180 in value combined!

I’ll Be “Discovering” Other Bonus Categories

The Chase Freedom 5X offers can’t be beat in my mind because not only are you getting that 5X multiplier, the points are worth about 2.1 cents each in my estimation.  That said (written), I plan to take advantage of the 5% cash back offers from my Discover It card (link to secure application with $50 cash back signup bonus) this year also.

Oftentimes the bonus categories for the Discover It are different than those of the Chase Freedom.  I do like the simplicity of the card and the cash back redemption.  There’s no endless ruminating on whether to redeem for cash back or save for potentially more valuable travel redemption.  The latter isn’t an option, so I simply redeem for statement credit and move on with life.  So this one is a bit of an outlier in my strategy as I’m not earning travel points or miles but if I can get 5% cash back on a purchase for which I can only get 1X or 2X of travel points, I’ll take the straight cash.

The Discover It bonus category calendar is rock solid, as it includes such everyday vendors as wholesale clubs, gas stations and restaurants.

The Payoff

When all is said and done this year, I’ll probably spend about $1,000 in bonus categories on my Discover It card.  This will yield me another $50 in cash.

The Wrap-Up

I’m going to rack up miles, points and even some old-fashioned cash, the rest of the year, mainly via my Chase Freedom, my Chase Ink Plus, my American Express Hilton and SPG cards, my Discover It and a new card or two.  I’ll use my Freedom and Discover It cards for bonus category spending, buying gift cards if necessary to maximize the opportunities.  I’ll use my AMEX cards specifically for the AMEX Offers.  And I’m taking it a bit easy this year on new apps – I’ll probably only get a couple new cards in 2017 (with Patty doing the same).  All told, I expect to accrue about $3,160 worth of free points, miles and cash this year!

Does this give you any ideas for yourself?  What’s your strategy for racking up points and miles in 2017?  Share it in the comments below!



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3 thoughts on “Here’s My Strategy to Rack Up Points, Miles & Cash for the Rest of 2017

  1. Thanks for the article. I should be purchasing more gift cards for Amazon, restaurants and grocery stores. Those small points add up. I keep longing to get under 5/24 and be able to apply and re-apply for some Chase cards. But, I just keep getting too many irresistible offers. I have about 8k a month I can put on credit cards. I am spending on AMEX SPG to get gold status again and accumulate more SPG points which we have used a LOT.
    I am also spending on Hilton Citi card to maintain my Platinum status which I found to be of tremendous value (double upgrade to corner suite with club room privileges). I’ve signed up for 3 Korean Air offers, 2 of which were mailed and one was emailed to me. Total sign up bonus points 90000, with about $5000 spend. I had to sign up for the Barclays AA Aviator for 40K and the citi AA personal and business for 50K without 24 month language. We now have about 700k AA miles, but I don’t think I’m going to use them for a while and hope we start seeing some mile saver awards again. Is it wrong that this is kind of an addiction?

    1. Paul, you are killing it! It’s not bad as long as you are keeping track of your cards and not paying interest! Do you have a specific use in mind for the Korean Air miles? Heading to Hawaii?

      1. I haven’t paid any interest on credit cards in years. That would defeat the whole purpose. I actually don’t have a specific use for the Korean air miles. They’ve been on my radar for a year or so. The bonus points were very attractive. Their first class product looks good and we have tentative plans for a trip to Asia next year. If that doesn’t pan out it looks like I can use them for a number of shorter flights on partners. My wife and I have both been accumulating Ultimate rewards points at a good clip. What I’ve seen is it’s great to have a diversity of points so you can get where you want to go when you want to go there. Going to Hawaii in July using SPG points for St. Regis Kauai and Amex platinum 50% rewards points back for round trip on American Airlines.

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