Here’s How Opening 12 and Closing 7 Credit Cards Affected My Credit Score

Every month I check my credit score for free via my Discover It card account.  My score generally holds steady so I know that any major drop is cause to dig a bit deeper and ensure nothing shady is going down.

Now many writers will share some comments about their credit score history in general, vague terms.  I’ve gone much further.  I created an infographic by overlaying my actual real-world credit card account opening and closing information on top of my actual real-world FICO credit score history plot.  I’ve now updated the infographic through January 2017.

Here are a few key notes on my situation…

  • I opened twelve cards over the last 28 months
  • I closed seven cards over the same 28 months
  • The lowest my score ever dropped to was 799 (a great score that will get you the best mortgage, loan rates, etc.). At first it may seem that my score dropped because I applied for three cards.  However, note that in April 2015 I applied for four cards and my score wasn’t affected much at all.  The key takeaway is that regardless of the reason for the temporary drop my score remained great and one month later was back to its previous value of 815.
  • My score is now at 825, near the theoretical perfect score of 850

This Infographic Shows My Credit Score History as I Opened and Closed Cards

I created this infographic to show that even after opening and closing many cards my credit score remains high as a kite. (Click image for high-res version) ©The Honeymoon Guy

Want to know a whole lot more about how your credit score is calculated and which cards get you your credit score for free?  Then head over to my page on the topic: Will Opening or Closing Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score?

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2 thoughts on “Here’s How Opening 12 and Closing 7 Credit Cards Affected My Credit Score

    1. Hi Tom! Thank you for sharing. As you may know there is sometimes a small drop in credit score immediately after opening a lot of new cards. After a few months though, with good payment behavior, your score may very well be higher than before you opened the new accounts, as your credit utilization ratio will improve. Thanks again for sharing.

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