Extreme Travel Gadgets

Travel is wonderful but it can also be difficult sometimes if you don’t have the right gear. The reality is that a travel item or gadget can be the difference between an experience that’s memorable for the all the right reasons and one you’d like to forget forever.

A reader of the site sent along this snazzy and fun animated extreme travel gadget infographic, created by Devere Hotels. Click/tap on the graphic or on the links below it for more information on these unusual items. From luggage to security to internet connectivity and more, these are some of the newest travel gadgets for those looking to expand beyond the tried and true power bank.

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Trunkster Luggage Noke Bluetooth Padlock Hand Crank Charger for Cellphone Internet Connection Everywhere Wraps Headphones Internet Adapter and Router OneSoap Ostrich Travel Pillow

More information on these extreme travel gadgets…

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