Get Major Uber Savings – Combine Android Pay Promo With Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit

uber-logoFor a limited time you can get 50% off your Uber rides (up to $5 off per ride) when you use Android Pay as your payment method.

If you use your Chase Sapphire Reserve as your credit card for Android Pay you can get the price offset completely by the travel credit (if you haven’t already hit $300 for the year).

And on top of that you’ll earn 3X Ultimate Rewards points as the charge posts as travel even though it’s processed through Android Pay.

Here’s how to do it!

Sign Up for Uber if You Don’t Have an Account

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple years and don’t have an Uber account you can sign up for one for free and get a nice credit on your account to start.

If you have a Chase credit card, for a limited time you can get a $30 credit toward your first ride when you sign up by using promo code ChaseUber.

For those that don’t have a Chase credit card, you can get a $20 credit toward your first ride by signing up through my link or by using my promo code of uberthehoneymoonguy.

Activate Android Pay in the Uber App

Within the Uber app, head to the Payments screen.  At the bottom of the screen is an Unlock ride discounts button.  Tap it.

That should bring up a Payment Rewards screen which includes a button with an Android Pay logo and text highlighting the 50% off promo.  Tap that button.

The bottom button on the Payment Rewards screen shows the Android Pay promo.

The next screen that appears provides more details on the promo and a link to set up Android Pay.  If you don’t have Android Pay installed on your phone, you’ll have to download it.  Once you’ve downloaded it, proceed through the setup process.

Make sure you set up your Android Pay account with your Chase Sapphire Reserve card info if you have one.  If you don’t have a Sapphire Reserve, consider inputting the info for another card that earns you bonus points on travel charges.

Activate Android Pay in the Uber App

Now double-check that within Uber you’ve selected Android Pay as your payment method.  Once you do so you may even see a box highlighting the deal right above the REQUEST Uber button.

Android Pay Promo Shows Active on My Account
The ANDROID PAY box above the REQUEST uberX button indicates the promo is active on my account.

Get the news on promos like this first – sign up for my email list, free.  You’ll get my custom credit card tracking spreadsheet also.

Get Riding

You should be good to go!  Once you’ve completed your ride your Uber receipt should show the discount amount.  It will be a $5 discount if your ride subtotal was $10 or more.

Uber Android Pay Promo Combines With Chase Sapphire Reserve for Great Savings
The 50 percent off discount posted as expected, saving me $5 on this Uber ride.

If you used your Sapphire Reserve as your payment method you should see the details of the transaction on the Chase website a day or two later (once the charge changes from pending to posted).  You should see that you earned 3X Ultimate Rewards points for the charge.  If you haven’t already exhausted your $300 annual travel credit you should also see a credit in the amount of the ride, making the ride free.  The fact that you used the Android Pay promo means you used less of your travel credit up than you otherwise would have!

Uber Android Pay Promo Combines With Chase Sapphire Reserve for Great Savings
The Chase website shows that although I used Android Pay the charge still posted as travel, earning me 3X Ultimate Rewards points. The full charge was offset completely by the travel credit, which posted instantly.

Maximize This Deal

This promo is good for up to ten rides, and it’s valid through 15 October 2016.  If every one of your ten rides magically came in at $10 each, combining this promo with your Chase Sapphire Reserve travel credit could yield you up to $100 in Uber rides for no money out of pocket and only $50 of your travel credit used, while simultaneously earning you 150 Ultimate Rewards points.


Sign up for Uber with Chase card for $30 toward your first ride

If you don’t have Chase card, sign up for Uber with this link for $20 toward your first ride

The Ultimate, Definitive Review of the Chase Sapphire Reserve

Are you signing up for this promo?  Let us know how it goes – share your experience in the comments below!

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