Super Daily Getaways Deal: Hyatt Points at Steep Discount

The US Travel Association’s Daily Getaways promotion sometimes includes excellent deals.

One of those superb deals hits this Friday: You can buy Hyatt Gold Passport points at rates well below the amount I value them at.  If you have an immediate redemption in mind, you may be able to turn this deal into an instant and major discount on a hotel booking.

Zilara Lobby
You can purchase Hyatt Gold Passport points at a discount and then redeem for a variety of hotels including the all-inclusive Hyatt Zilara Montego Bay, shown here.

Brief Background on Daily Getaways

The Daily Getaways promotion is a fun, limited-time program.  Here’s the summary, from the US Travel Association:

Daily Getaways is an annual program that offers travel getaways across the United States at discounted prices every weekday at Offers are sold at a fixed price in limited quantities and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Offers are purchased on the site but booking can be done at a later date. Offers go on sale at 1:00pm ET each weekday beginning April 4, 2016.

The strong deals that are offered sell out quickly, sometimes in a minute or two so you have to be ready to buy.

For purchases of miles or points in a frequent flyer or hotel loyalty program you’ll have a limited amount of time to enter your account number so have that ready for such a purchase.

To read up on other details of the program, check out the FAQ.

Details on the April 2016 Hyatt Gold Passport Offers

There are four different packages of Hyatt Gold Passport points available through this offer.  The package quantities range from 25 to 120.  The effective price per point ranges from 1.038 cents to 1.1 cents.

In my April valuations I pegged the value of a Hyatt Gold Passport point at 1.9 cents so this deal is getting you them at about a 45% discount!

Hyatt Gold Passport Offers

On Sale 29 April 2016 @ 1:00PM EDT

Number of Points in Package Price of Package Effective Price per Point Number of Packages Available
 24,000  $260 1.083 cents 120
 30,000 $330 1.100 cents 54
 40,000 $415 1.038 cents 30
 72,000  $775 1.076 cents 25

On the Daily Getaways website, the deals are labeled with titles such as “3 Nights in a Hyatt Suite for $775.”  However, the offers are really just the sale of a set number of points.  Those points can be redeemed however the purchaser would like.

Hyatt Gold Passport Daily Getaways Deal 29APR2016
The Daily Getaways team labels the Hyatt Gold Passport deals with titles that imply specific redemptions but the sales are of points that can be used however the purchaser would like.

You Should Purchase One of These Deals If…

…you’re about to make a Hyatt booking for a hotel which has award room availability.

If you’re going to book a standard room at a Hyatt soon, it makes sense to check award room availability for the night(s) of interest.  Then check the paid price of the standard room.  Divide the price by the number of points required to book an award room to come up with an effective value per point rate.  If that number is higher than the Price per Point values listed in the table above, you’d be well-served to buy one of these packages and use the points to book your room, instead of paying cash directly for the booking.

Southwest Premier Rapid Rewards Card Ad 700wEven if you don’t have a specific booking you’re ready to make, these packages are a strong enough deal to warrant consideration.  Points can always be devalued though so if you may not use the points for years I suggest forgoing this sale.

Keep in mind that the signup bonus for the Chase Hyatt credit card – two free nights at any Hyatt – is excellent.  That means that if your goal is to stay at a top-tier property you may be better off obtaining that signup bonus than ponying up the money for points.

Between the free nights Patty and I get from our IHG and Hyatt credit cards and some decent account balances with Hyatt, Starwood and Hilton, we’re set for lodging for a bit.  So we’ll pass on this deal, but if we didn’t have a nice stock of hotel points we’d be all over it.

Strong Redemption Options Include Vegas “Surprises”

There are many excellent Hyatt hotels, some of which I highlighted in my post on The Best Use of 4 Free Bonus Hyatt Nights for Honeymooners or Couples.

Many people, even some seasoned travelers, are not aware that you can also redeem HGP points at myriad hotels in Las Vegas.  Back in 2013 Hyatt entered into a partnership with MGM properties making such redemptions of HGP points possible at hotels like the Bellagio, MGM Grand, Aria, Mandalay Bay and more.

Patty and I booked a couple nights at the Bellagio in Las Vegas for an upcoming stay.  A standard room at the Bellagio on a weekend night can run about $500.  The room we booked would cost $1,056 for Friday and Saturday combined.  There was no way we were paying that out of pocket – we’re frugal (i.e. cheap).  Instead we redeemed 50,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points for the weekend, yielding a value of 2.1 cents per point.

If you purchase the 72,000 point package offered through the Daily Getaways promotion you could effectively book that $1,056 stay for $538, which is roughly half price!

Then you can watch the Bellagio fountains, with a giant smile on your face, knowing how much you have saved!

The Summary

The Daily Getaways deals for Hyatt Gold Passport points offer strong value.

You can purchase HGP points, which I value at 1.9 cents each, for between 1.0 and 1.1 cents each.

There are many great redemption options for HGP points, ranging from cozy ski lodges to chic beach properties to glamorous Sin City spots.

If you’re interested in this Daily Getaway, be ready to strike quickly though as I expect these points packages to sell out quickly.

Are you getting in on this deal?  Have a Hyatt Gold Passport redemption to recommend?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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