Avoid Driving in Foreign Countries by Using Uber

If you live in or near a city, you’ve probably heard of Uber, the app-based alternative to taxi cabs.  You may not realize just how far though the company’s geographic reach has extended.  In fact, Uber is now active in 50+ countries and 200+ cities worldwide!  If you haven’t already signed up, I would recommend doing so now while Uber is running a promotion that gets you your first ride free!  It’s best to sign up while in the US so that any account verification text messages are received.

So just as you might instinctively reach for the Uber app when you’re on a trip in the USA you should consider it an option while on foreign travel as well.  There’s a huge benefit there: you can avoid driving yourself on unfamiliar roads with unfamiliar traffic setups (e.g. driving on left side of the road) and driving customs that are unknown to you.

Patty and I used Uber in Cape Town, South Africa on the last stop of our honeymoon.  The service worked exactly the same as in the US.  We were able to access the app using wifi service, such as at our hotel, restaurant, etc.

Uber Cape Town
Using Uber in foreign countries eliminates the need to drive yourself, allowing you to avoid unfamiliar traffic setups, laws and customs. After a ride ends, Uber supplies you with great data including a map of the route taken, so your driver isn’t going to be tempted to take any unnecessary, long routes!

Of course there is a chance that when you’re out and about on a foreign trip you won’t have access to wifi and you also may not have cellular internet service.  In that case you can simply resort to hailing a cab.

We saved a nice chunk of money taking Uber from the airport to the hotel and back, relative to the cost of a cab.  In many cases hotels have contracts with cab/shuttle companies that result in the cab company charging higher-than-market rates (partly to make up for the cut that the hotel gets).  With that in mind, I highly recommend Uber over taxis, shuttles and rental cars on your foreign trip with the obvious exception being extensive road trips (e.g. the Road to Hana on Maui).  The Honeymoon Guy

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