A Spreadsheet for Planning and Referencing Your Itinerary

Planning a long trip or honeymoon?  Traveling on a foreign honeymoon or trip where you may not have cell service to check online records?  Then you may benefit from a good old fashioned spreadsheet for your itinerary.

When I was planning our around-the-world honeymoon my trusty spreadsheet was absolutely critical in keeping track of which flights and hotel nights were booked.  And we referred to our printout of the spreadsheet dozens of times throughout our trip.

I’m sharing the simple template here in case it may help others.  I set it up to include flight, lodging and ground transportation information in a calendar format.  My suggestion is to color cells red until you’ve actually booked that item.  This serves as a quick and obvious visual indicator to ensure you don’t forget to complete a booking and end up without lodging for a night or without a car for a day.

Click here to download The Honeymoon Guy’s Trip Itinerary Template spreadsheet

Itinerary Template Screengrab

Do you have suggestions for improving the template?  Please share them in the comments section below!


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