50,000 Rapid Rewards Point Offer for Southwest PLUS Card is Online Again

The post I created to enable people to share referrals for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card from Chase has been incredibly popular for months.  A couple weeks ago though the phone referral option I highlighted in that post went dead.

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus 50,000 50000 50k Point Signup Bonus Offer Credit Card IMage
The 50k point offer is back!

Well today the news turned positive again!

A 50,000 Rapid Rewards points offer is available online again for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card from Chase.  There’s no need to worry about calling in via phone as long as this link is live.

A 50,000 point offer is also available for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card from Chase as well.

Want to know how much the 50,000 Rapid Rewards points are worth?  Or how to use them toward a Southwest Companion Pass, one of the best airline perks around.?  Read on….

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Parlay The Signup Bonuses into a Southwest Companion Pass

One of the best travel perks around is the Southwest Companion Pass, which allows a companion to fly free with the holder of the pass, any time the holder flies!  Well the best time of the year to get the Companion Pass is early in a calendar year as it is valid for the remainder of the year you earn it and the entire next calendar year.

The fastest way to get the Companion Pass is to get two 50k point signup bonuses in short order, requiring the accumulation of only a few more thousand points to reach the 110k point threshold.

Check out my previous posts to learn more:

50,000 Rapid Rewards Points Are Worth About $700

Even if you don’t go after the Southwest Companion Pass, the 50k Rapid Rewards bonus is lucrative on its own.  I value Rapid Rewards at 1.4 cents each (that’s the average value I get when redeeming them for Southwest flights) so the 50,000 points equates to $700 of value.

If you have a Companion Pass and use it for all of your flights, each Southwest Rapid Reward point is essentially worth double its normal value.  That means a 50,000 point signup bonus could be worth $1,400!

Note that Southwest’s redemption program is dynamic so there are situations where you’ll receive more or less value per point.

With 50,000 Rapid Rewards points, and Southwest’s expanding international service, you may be soon flying free to destinations like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cancun (shown here), Costa Rica, Belize and more!

With Southwest now flying to destinations like Cancun, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica and more you’re no longer stuck redeeming points for a continental US trip.  That has really elevated Southwest’s status in my mind.

Patty and I have used Rapid Rewards points and our Companion Pass to fly outside the US to Jamaica and Cancun, Mexico on Southwest.  We also used Rapid Rewards points and our Companion Pass to fly to Florida many times, and Missouri.

Note: If you have the Plus card already and are interested in the Premier card, you can get a 50,000 Rapid Rewards points offer for that card here.

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4 thoughts on “50,000 Rapid Rewards Point Offer for Southwest PLUS Card is Online Again

  1. I have the Southwest Rapids Reward Card card . I was turned down for Sapphire due to opening more than 5 at once. David has Sapphire but no Southwest cards. Does the same person need to get the second SW card in order to get the companion pass? Or should we try our chances with him applying for either southwest card ?

    One more: if I am added to his sapphire as a user for 5,000 pts dose that mean I cannot have my own card or will they turn me down when I apply because i am an authorized user on his?

    Thanks so much !!

    1. Hi Sage!

      The person that applies for the Southwest card must use their own Southwest Rapid Rewards account number. If David applies for a Southwest card but puts your Southwest Rapid Rewards account number, there’s a good chance the signup bonus won’t be awarded (Chase or Southwest will check that the name of the applicant matches the name on the Rapid Rewards account).

      One person can get both the Southwest Premier personal and the Southwest Plus personal cards. I did that a little over a year ago, earning 100,000 points in signup bonuses within a couple months. You may want to space out the two applications by a month or more to increase chances of approval but some people apply for both on the same day and get approved. There is also a Southwest Premier business card that often comes with a 50k point signup bonus.

      Being an authorized user on his Sapphire Preferred account should not disqualify you from getting your own Sapphire Preferred card. If you’ve opened more than 5 credit cards in the past 24 months though then you’re unlikely to get approved for a Sapphire Preferred card.

  2. Applied for the Premier Card last week and got approved, I applied for the PLUS card today and it said need to do further review!!
    Does that mean I am not going to get the PLUS card and was it because I applied too soon?

    1. Hi Sam! You may very well still be approved. Let the application work its way through the system. IF you get a denial, then call the reconsideration line with your explanation of why you want the Plus card in addition to the Premier card. Your reason could be as simple as wanting to separate certain expenses onto different cards. Be prepared to offer to move credit line from one card to the new one. Note that many people who are not instantly approved end up getting an approval days or a couple weeks later. Calling in before you get an official denial though seems to be counterproductive with Chase these days.

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