4 Days Left for Free & Easy Status Matching by Hilton

A lot of travelers go to significant lengths to attain elite status in a hotel loyalty program because the benefits can be great.

If you have status with a major hotel chain other than Hilton, Hilton will now match that status without any hassle.  This applies all the way up to Diamond level.  And your new Hilton status will be good through March 2017.

This offer ends on January 11th though, so get on with it if you’re interested!

Hilton is not only matching status, they're promoting this opportunity.
Hilton is not only matching status, they’re promoting this opportunity.

Here’s How to Get Status Matched by Hilton

1. Check your status with other chains to identify your highest-ranking status

Hilton’s application site includes specific mention of the following programs:

  • Choice Privileges
  • Hyatt Gold Passport
  • IHG Rewards Club
  • Marriott Rewards
  • Starwood Preferred Guest

The website indicates Hilton will match to any hotel program’s status, so even if you only have status in a program not specifically mentioned, it’s still worth applying.

2. Take a screengrab of your account information in that program

IHG Spire Elite Screengrab
I used a screengrab of my IHG account info for my Hilton status match application.

3. Head over to the Hilton status match website

Hilton started accepting applications for this program via email.  They’ve switched over to a web application, probably because of the number of requests they have received.

Here’s the link for the Hilton status match web page: https://hhonormystatus.hiltonapps.com/

4. Complete the form

Once you’ve entered your info, including your HHonors account number, and uploaded your screengrab of your status with another hotel chain, submit your application.

Notice that there is no requirement to provide proof of a certain number of stays.  In my case my IHG status was earned through points earned on my IHG Rewards credit card.

Hilton Diamond Status Match Image 02
Once you’ve submitted your status match application you should see this “We’re On It” message.

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5. Receive a status update email

I received a “congratulations” email two days after I applied for a status match.  Hilton matched my IHG Spire Elite status to Hilton Diamond!

Hilton Diamond Status Match Image 04
For this status match program, Hilton matched my IHG Spire Elite status to Hilton Diamond.

If you don’t receive an email, you should still check your HHonors account.  Some people have reported never receiving the email but seeing the new status show up in their HHonors account.

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6. Enjoy the perks!

Now even Diamond status with Hilton isn’t going to be life-changing, but it does come with some decent benefits.  For example, as a Diamond member you’ll automatically receive a 50% bonus on all the HHonors Base Points you earn, late checkout when available, two bottles of water per stay and you are guaranteed a room when you make a reservation at least 48 hours prior to your arrival.

You can see the details on those two benefits and the full list of benefits for all tiers at Hilton’s page.

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Are you applying for this status match?  What status did Hilton match you to?  Share your experience in the comments section below.

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